(So Low)

by Peter Oren

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released 24 July 2013

Recorded by David James at my parents' place
Mixed by Andy Beargie
All songs by Peter Oren




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Track Name: Out the Door
Something's telling me
There's no place I need to be
Still I sleep beneath the poplar tree

But I've been wanting to
Go so far just to
Need so little--
Live so big though

But every time I step out the door
I see a place
With neighbors I ain't known before
Can't even claim my own home space

I could get about anywhere by road
By bike by care by foot who knows
Still I don't feel like much of anything yet

I could carry on with the silence
Keep it at the bottom of my bag
With the spare tube and spare tools
It ain't so bad

But every time I step out the door
I see her face
In the children at the grocery store
Can't even claim my own headspace
Track Name: Now Without Doubt
Now without doubt but ever stuck between
The world as is and the world we want to be
The future is not free

I'd like to put a name bold in some song some day
But until she's chosen me
I'll call her Nora Lee

My pocket pad is full-up again
And I've been learning about the ink in my pen
Melody makes it stain the skin

So no name is soon to meet my tune
I'll use these symbols and let 'em sing true
I'll be careful what I do
And regret no tattoo

I'll make myself strong for her
Stand tall, answer the call, 'cause after all
What's good for her is good for me

I long to build fertile soil
To callus my hands with years of toil
May a woman come to me
Together we'll plant trees
Track Name: Culvert Creek
I do drugs and so do you
Some like shrooms, others the boob tube
I cried for a woman asking on the street
She wanted a smoke, said she couldn't breathe

Do we wear more smiles for frowns?
What's that shining your shackles or your crown?
With such sadness and great joy
We do, we do and we are destroyed

Been wading down in culvert creek
The styrafoam brushing past my knees
I'm aimless 'midst this bad bliss with
Polarpops as pacifiers--something's amiss

These days you know you shouldn't sugarcoat shit
Turn your head you bet someone'll eat it
Ain't no use in being coy
We do, we do and we are destroyed

After work your night in the lazy seat
Turn on the grill, throw on some meat
Until tomorrow you've been freed
They say, "You got pay, what more do you need?"

Who cares for a boss unless he's you?
I for one don't care to be told what to do
Why must we be so employed?
We do, we do and we are destroyed
Track Name: I Wish I Were A Tree
I wish I were a tree
So I wouldn't have to wander
Catch the sun on my leaves
Put root to the earth that birthed me
Strive only to stand a bit taller

Been perched precariously
Like the shopping cart on the hilltop down the street
I am beholden to the breeze
On this now wind I am seed
And for the soil I hunger

I feel as old as love
Old as the ocean in the clouds above
I quit my patience for youth
And I caught the caboose, so I'm leaving
much of me you won't be seeing

Now I stand before the judge
Before my peers and my own love
My only answer is just because
Maybe I don't know too much
And seems finding out usually ain't easy

Been too long a gear on the grind
Wasting my time and my mind
When my movements are not mine
This intelligent design ain't divine
It's why I'm depressed and a heathen

So if I knock please open up
Please give me bread and fill my cup
Don't want cash I've had enough
I'd work for food and a place to touch
My head for a night of deep sleeping

I wish I were a tree
So I wouldn't have to wander
Track Name: The Stone Below
Drove all night to New Orleans
With the river's drifting logs
Slept all alone against church stone
Didn't talk to anyone at all

At twenty-one I am no one
And someone just the same
I'm the stone below the river's flow
I'm the current wrought by the rain

It's the seventeenth of February
And I'm waiting for the spring
It's a warming globe--this we know
And I'm busting at the seams

Red cardinal against white snow
In the tapped maple tree he sings
Rejoins with the whispers of the
Beech leaves that still cling

Well I'll fill this fire with fuel
For now I need the burn
Four seasons over and over
In each for the next we yearn

It's the seventeenth of February
And I'm waiting for the spring
It's a warming globe--this we know
And I'm busting at the seams
Oh I'm bursting at my seams
Track Name: Another One
Once I doubted if I'd so much as touch your hand
Once I did but now alone I stand
So tell me darling do you know
Where it is I've got to go to find
Another one of you

Are you the olive branch carried by the dove
To tell of some long awaited love
I wondered if I'd ever see land again
Won't you point me in the right direction?
And tell me darling do you know
Where it is I've got to go to find another one of you
Track Name: Flower Vase
I'll fill your flower vase if you don't put it to use
Thinking of it empty each day's been giving me the blues
I'll draw some daffodils out from behind your ear
And I know of some roses that are pretty near to here

I fear you're spinning spirals around your head
And I'm tired of waiting so I'm heading off to bed
Now we're blocks away like always tonight
You'll grasp your covers and wonder as I sleep in the moonlight

You'll be what you'll be with or without me
But I could be bringing flowers to you for free
So don't over-think it, listen to your senses
There are safe ways to kick the crutch of rational defenses

Already I feel committed
I just fear I'm a bit too dimwitted
Now it feels strange to say but it'd be nice to know
If you've bled any bit in this bout, 'cause you haven't let it show